♂ → Niall Horan as Liam Stone 16  Music Major  Taken

  • Lives in Chesterfield dorms

Liam is a sensitive soul, he isn’t exactly shy but he doesn’t really like talking to people. Growing up he never really had loads of friends having maybe one or two, but that’s all he needed. At the age of thirteen he met this guy called Tyler, Tyler and Liam became best friends really quickly and everyone thought the two of them were brothers because they were so close but one day near the end of the school year, Tyler’s family decided to move away and ever since then Liam hasn’t really been able to make friends. 

Since Liam spent most of his days alone his mother needed him to pick up a hobby, and so one day she brought him home a gift. A guitar. The boy just discarded it at first, saying he didn’t need a distraction, that he was perfectly fine. But one day the boy got bored and so he picked up the guitar and it was as if he had a secret talent for it, he’d been able to play it like it was another one of his senses. Liam never told anyone about his secret talents but his mother would hear him play it all the time and noticed how good he’d gotten and so, she called Brunswick High,hoping that the new atmosphere would maybe make him some more friends.


Liam is a kind and quite soul, he doesn’t like to be spoken to but then on the other hand, he hates being alone. He misses his best friend Tyler but had gotten over the fact he’ll never see him again. The boy’s passion for guitar is unique, he’d rather play that then go to parties.


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Name (ooc): Mace
Age (ooc): 16

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♂ → Harry Styles as Joey Star → 18 → Music Major → Taken

  • Lives in the Chesterfield dorms.


Growing up in a loving family of seven, Joey Star was never forgotten in the scheme of things, despite having so many brothers and sisters. He is the middle child and since he was fourteen he would help his dad run his shop. ‘Star’s Joke shop’ was a hit in Manchester, England, and they never seemed to go out of business. It is obvious that that was where he got his sense of humour and jokey personality from, considering he was around that sort of thing from a young age.

Joey has a mind of his own when it comes to sense of humour and having fun, but he knows when it’s time to be serious. One of the only times that he will fully concentrate is when he has a guitar in his hand. It’s the only time that he really feels happy and comfortable, not that he will admit it. He didn’t even know he could sing until he learnt to play and since that day, neither thing has stopped. He earned some money and practise by getting a job in a café in his town and he played there every night since. After being spotted singing at his work one night, Joey won himself a scholarship and is off to Brunswick.

Joey is the kind of boy that everyone finds themselves drawn to. He has a cheeky sense of humour and it wouldn’t be odd to see him joking around or pulling a random prank on a random person. Basically, Joey is the biggest kid you will ever meet and he isn’t ashamed of that. Even though he spends most of his time joking around, he is one of the nicest guys you are likely to meet and he will never be rude.


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Name (ooc): Pippa
Age (ooc): 19

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